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Arrest that jazz pancake!

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"And in that moment I felt so alive..."

//Sherlock Holmes//Jack the Ripper//Whitechapel//Victorian//Psychoville//League of Gentlemen//
Mark Gatiss//Reece Shearsmith//Vampires//True Blood//Being Human//Torchwood//Bow ties//
Tail coats//Magic//Derren Brown//James Bond//The Godfather//Gun holsters//Vic and Bob//
Malcolm Tucker//Lady Gaga//Hitch-hikers Guide//Pirates//


Stylesheet by refuted
PETER BONE, 10% of children, 80's music, a2a, alan duncan, alex drake, aristocracy, armstrong and miller, ashes to ashes, bbc parliament, bbcsherlock, being human, benedict cumberbatch, bill compton, bob mortimer, boris johnson, bremner bird fortune, bullingdon club, captain jack, children of earth, comedy, conservative party, conservatives, david cameron, dead ringers, derren brown, edward scissorhands, fan fic, fanfiction, film, gene hunt, george dawes, george osborne, glenn cullen, gordon brown, government, gwen stefani, hignfy, house of commons, hugh abbott, ian hislop, ianto jones, icons, in the loop, iron man, jack sparrow, jeremy paxman, jim carrey, jim keats, john frobisher, johnny depp, lady gaga, league of gentlemen, life on mars, lolitics, london, malcolm tucker, mark gatiss, martin freeman, nicola murray, nine inch nails, ntnocn, oliver reeder, parliament, paul merton, peter capaldi, peter mandelson, philip glenister, picspams, pirates of the caribbean, politics, politislash, prime ministers question, prime ministers questions, psychoville, randall and hopkirk, reece shearsmith, reeves and mortimer, right honourable friends, robert downey jr, rory bremner, sam tyler, sarcasm, satire, scrubs, sherlock bbc, sherlock holmes, shooting stars, slash, smith and jones, sookie stakhouse, steve pemberton, tea, team keats, the house of commons, the league of gentlemen, the thick of it, tim burton, tom hanks, torchwood, tory, tory totty, true blood, vampires, vic reeves, well hung parliaments, when boris met dave, william hague